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Yaanbao Course

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Yaanbao is the Art of the elements

*Usually Yaanbao is taught after the student progressed in several Boabom classes.

In this class we will learn basic techniques using medium staff. connect and unify our body with it, improve balance, strength and reflexes using the element as an extension of the body. The energy we project is far beyond what we see.

As we advance we develop more techniques and learn how to control it together with special movements and the energy we produce with it.

Its Open to anyone of any age. Taught in a very progress way.

Perfect for anyone seeking connection to the elements, unite with our body, control and feel the energy and force of the staff, develop coordination and increase self confidence.

We have different class packs and prices for once/twice a week – 4, 8 times a month (valid for 1 month) you can go to the FAQ

Please choose whatever suites you.  Its advisable to practice at least twice a week but whatever goes for you is good. 

1 Hour class.

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