Boabom EU

Boabom Workshop

BOABOM is an ancient Art from Pre-buddhist Tibet, passed down in the Himalayan tribal lineage.
It unites Defence and Meditation in harmony without competition or aggression, develops the physical, mental & astral body. 
In this WORKSHOP we will taste:
 • Seamm-Jasani: the gentle art of relaxation, meditation in movement {1 hour}
 • About 10 Min brake, drink
 Boabom: the art of defence – dynamic, fast. {about 50 min-1 hour}
 • Short Meditation +Conversation if you wish. {up to 30 min}. 
This workshop open to anyone from 12+ yrs 
 Whoever interested Please Pm me so I’ll open a whatsup/Telegram group  
* Come with positive energy and an open mind, Comfortable clothes and on empty stomach. 
**Advisable to bring a personal towel/mat for some part on the floor.
Its my pleasure to share this unique energy with you.
Special price of 40€ or over as your heart wish for this unique opportunity.
Best energies.