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Seamm-Jasani Course

Registration via Paypal

Registration via Venmo OR Paypal

Seamm-Jasani classes

Seamm-Jasani also called the Art of Eternal Youth. Relaxation, self Healing and Meditation in movements.

In this class we will learn basic techniques and with time develop to a more advanced one.

Class is relaxed, harmonious with flow of breathing and imagination.

Open to anyone of any age. Taught in a very progress way, without previous background. perfect for anyone seeking to relax, slow down the mind and meditate on the breathing , movements, and harmony.

We have different class packs and prices for once/twice a week – 4, 8 times a month (valid for 1 month) you can go to the pricing page

Please choose whatever suites you.  Its advisable to practice at least twice a week but whatever goes for you is good.

1 Hour class.