Boabom EU

Body and Mind

Health and vitality is one of the main principles and achievement in the Arts. The Boabom Arts speak of a holistic health beside the physical one, therefore feeling just amazing. The health and overall improves rapidly when practicing and developing the Boabom Arts, where body and mind comes to equilibrium, Strengthening the immune system, clear any traces of “trash” mentally or physically with positive thoughts and a relaxed pure mind.

Boabom help us to:

  1. Strengthens the heart through dynamic and aerobic exercises, cleaning the arteries and veins (lowering cholesterol, ridding excess fat, etc.)
  2. Enlarging lung capacity by special breathing techniques, clean the airways, help to overcome asthma and other respiratory ailments, as well encourage and help quit smoking.
  3. Increases bone mass & speeds up bone regeneration, ease the mobility of joints while helping to prevent and cure diseases such as arthritis, bursitis, etc.
  4. Develops relaxing and re-energizing all of the muscles in the body.
  5. Improve digestion, helping to cure ulcers, irritated colon, and many other diseases.
  6. Increasing the lymph-nodes processes, therefore improving the immune system and defenses of the human organism.
  7. Reduce stress with balanced and centered mind, rapidly overcoming depression and other negative mental states. Better sleep and let go of concern or any other negative thoughts.
  8. Improvement of the senses, from vision and hearing to a better sense of smell, leading to a generally greater awareness and sensitivity to the entire world.
  9. Increases the feelings of confidence and self-worth, developing tranquility and strength of character alongside humility, self-control of mental and emotional state, and a healthy, positive energy.