Boabom EU

Boabom is an on-going continuous practice, preferable if you can practice at least twice a week. Whatever you can is great. 

The cost? The cost of classes is 80€/month for once per week {within the same art – Boabom, Seamm-Jasani, Yaanbao}. Special discount for twice per week {within the same art}

*Discount available if you would like to practice more than one art, or for families (progressive discount of 20€ for each family member) 

The monthly fee payable in advance of each month. our classes are progressive, therefore you need to sign up for specific day and time. 

Duration of the class? Each class is about 1 hour long

What I need to know before attending a class? Yes we move so advisable to wear comfortable clothes as well be on an empty stomach (not after heavy meal) 

are there any class for kids? yes please look at the kids page,  kids 12+ years can join adults class. 

Do you offer private classes? Yes one-on-one frontal or live online 

Do you offer private group/event classes? Yes we can schedule and open for co-operation based on your needs, either at your location or live online.

Do you offer Seminar/Retreat? Yes, please look at the seminar page or contact me. you can always join mailing list by sending me email and send you updates about that.