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How to learn

One of the the objective in Boabom is to transmit this ancient Arts to you, to improve the quality of life for every person with positive energy for the mind and body. Classes are taught in a very open way, progressively as each movement is linked and have basic structures in order to build on a more advanced one. It’s challenging and fun to do .

We can learn Boabom in the following ways:

  • Directly, through regular classes (ongoing practice)
  • Online-classes (ongoing classes)
  • Regular classes (ongoing classes)
  • Private classes (ongoing classes)
  • Seminars or special classes.
  • Online Video for Seamm-Jasani (the soft art)- to purchase please contact me 
  • Through books about the Arts (The Secret Art Seamm-Jasani or The Secret Art of Boabom).


Another way to learn Boabom and touch a glimpse of this amazing art is to learn directly through books: the soft form (Seamm-Jasani) and the stronger path (Osseous Boabom)                                                                                                                              The books are truly great way to begin with It if you can not participate in classes regularly or seminars.                                          We will always be available to answer questions about the techniques or any thoughts about it.                                                        You can also contact the author of the books directly:                                                                             

The art of Internal defense (Osseous Boabom), Very Dynamic and fast art, using spontaneous reflexes. Boabom increases and awakens energy or inner strength and health




{Gentle Boabom} The art of Active Meditation, Relaxation and Self Healing. known as “the art of eternal youth”


The art of elements, through exercises and defense with different

elements: medium, long and short staffs, using them as an extension of the body.



Boabom contain their own techniques of meditation, Combine breathing, sound, visualization and imagination. Develop mindfulness, awareness and positive energy.

Special Program for kids through games and fun way to learn the art. through practice  develop emotionally and physically.